Philosophy of Physics Research Seminars TT 2021

Convened by Adam Caulton
The following seminars will take place at 4.30 p.m. on Thursdays of Trinity Term online by Zoom.

Those on the philosophy of physics mailing list will receive an invitation to join the meetings; others should contact the convenor directly.

Abstracts are posted weekly.

Week 1 (29 Apr): Caspar Jacobs (Oxford)
Comparativist theories and conspiracy theories: the no miracles argument against comparativism

Week 2 (6 May): Nora Boyd (Siena College, NY)
Is Laboratory astrophysics astrophysics?

Week 3 (13 May): Alyssa Ney (UC Davis)
Three arguments for wave function realism

Week 4 (20 May): Gordon Belot (Michigan, Ann Arbor)
The Mach—Einstein principle of 1917—1918

Week 5 (27 May): Mike Miller (Toronto)
Cluster decomposition and entanglement

Week 6 (3 June): Jacob Barandes (Harvard)
Why we shouldn’t believe in Hilbert Spaces anymore, and the case for Platonic quantum theory

Week 7 (10 June):David Albert (Columbia)
How to teach quantum mechanics

Week 8 (17 June): Tim Maudlin (NYU)
The PBR theorem, quantum state realism, and statistical independence

Seminars given in HT 2021 are now available on You Tube