Philosophy of physics research seminars Michaelmas Term 2017

Convened by Simon Saunders and Chris Timpson
The following seminars will take place at 4.30 p.m. on Thursdays, weeks 2-8, in the Lecture Room of Radcliffe Humanities, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6GG.

Abstracts are posted weekly.

12th Oct (week 1): No Seminar

19th Oct (week 2): Henrique Gomes (Perimeter)
New vistas from the many-instant landscape

26th Oct (week 3): Jonathan Halliwell (Imperial)
Comparing conditions for macrorealism: Leggett-Garg inequalities vs no-signalling in time
2nd Nov (Week 4): Sam Fletcher (Philosophy, Minnesota)
Emergence and scale’s labyrinth

9th Nov (Week 5): James Ladyman (Philosophy, Bristol)
Why interpret quantum mechanics?

16th Nov (Week 6): Hasok Chang (HPS, Cambridge)
Beyond truth-as-correspondence: realism for realistic people

23rd Nov (Week 7): Alison Fernandes (Philosophy, Warwick
The temporal asymmetry of chance

30th Nov (Week 8): Nancy Cartwright (Philosophy, Durham and UC San Diego)
What are pragmatic trials in medicine good for?