Philosophy of physics research seminars Trinity Term 2017

Convened by Oliver Pooley
The following seminars will take place at 4.30 p.m. on Thursdays, weeks 1-4 and 6-8, in the Lecture Room of Radcliffe Humanities, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6GG.

Abstracts are posted weekly.

Joint seminar, Philosophy of maths/philosophy of physics:
27th April (week 1): Peter Hylton (Philosophy, Illinois)
‘Analyticity, yet again’

4th May (week 2):Tushar Menon (Philosophy, Oxford)
Affine balance: algebraic functionalism and the ontology of spacetime

11th May (week 3): Michela Massimi (Philosophy, Edinburgh)
Perspectival models in contemporary high-energy physics

18th May (week 4): Paul Tappenden (Independent)
Quantum fission

25th May (week 5): NO SEMINAR

1st June (week 6): Jo Wolf (Philosophy, KCL)
Quantities – metaphysical choice points

8th June (week 7): David Jackson (Independent)
How to build a unified field theory from one dimension

BLOC seminar (joint with Birmingham, Bristol, London, Oxford and Cambridge):
15th June (week 8): Harvey Brown (Philosophy, Oxford)
QBism: the ineffable reality behind “participatory realism”