Mini-course schedule: ‘Anthropics, selection effects, and fine-tuning in cosmology’


Day 1: 2nd December
2-2.15pm Joe Silk Introduction
2.15-3.15pm Nick Bostrom Problems and Paradoxes in Anthropic Reasoning
3.15-4.15pm Christopher Smeenk Bayesian Anthropics
4.15-4.45pm Coffee Break
4.45-5.45pm Nima Arkani-Hamed Naturalness and It’s Discontents: Why Is there a Macroscopic Universe?
Day 2: 3rd December
2-3pm Nick Bostrom The Diverse Applications of Anthropics
3-4pm Nima Arkani-Hamed Space-Time, Quantum Mechanics and the Multiverse
4-4.30pm Coffee Break
4.30-5.30pm Jean-Philippe Uzan Fundamental constants, physics and cosmology
7pm onwards Conference Dinner at St Anne’s College 56 Woodstock Road  Oxford OX2 6HS followed by a 15 min talk given by Nima Arkani-Hamed .
Day 3: 4th December
2-3pm Christopher Smeenk Predictions in Eternal Inflation
3-4pm Jean-Philippe Uzan Observational constraints on the variation of the fundamental constants
4-4.30pm Coffee Break
4.30-5.30pm Round Table; Concluding Remarks