Third Oxford Mini-course: Cosmology and Quantum Foundations

10-12 June, 2013

St Anne’s College, Oxford

Quantum theory as originally formulated could only be applied given a classically-described experimental context. As such, can it be applied to the description of the universe as a whole? How should it be formulated so that it can yield a quantum theory of cosmology? Is such a description even needed? What problems in cosmology might be solved in this way? This minicourse examines these questions from the perspective of many-worlds theory, pilot-wave theory, and the relational interpretation of quantum theory, with lectures from leading advocates of each.

Day 1: Monday 10th June 2pm-5.45pm
Day 2: Tuesday 11th June 2pm-5.30pm; 7pm dinner
Day 3: Wednesday 12th June 2pm-5.30pm

Videos of talks available on You Tube


Carlo-RovelliCarlo Rovelli Simon-Saunders2Simon Saunders Max-TegmarkMax Tegmark Antony-ValentiniAntony Valentini